Pokemon Platinum Lite (GBA)

Hello Everyone,

This post will basically address the problems and solutions(which I have found) to the game “Pokemon Platinum Lite(gba version)” in android mobile phones.

First, you would need a ROM of pokemon platinum lite(gba) which can be found as soon as you google it. so, I shall not be going through this part. Secondly, the Emulator. I prefer the VisualBoyAdvance (for Desktop), and GameBoid for my android mobile set. Now, you are ready to play some games….

Now, lets get started with the topic. After downloading the requirements anyone can play but this one needs a little attention. I am guessing it will work just fine in desktop (played half in desktop), but my main concern was to play in my android phone.

The pokemon platinum is actually a Nintendo DS game but at current state we donot have good nds emulators for mobiles so I am compelled to paly this game in my gba emulator, also pokemon platinum lite is a hack version so, I has many bugs, but can be played on gba and so am eager…

Uptill current situation I had and have two major problems :-

Problem 1: After the game loads (after adding your name) multiple colored screens would appear and would go blank with background music ON. I luckly found “one” post reading this problem.

Solution :

Step 1: Open the game in VisualBoyAdvance (in desktop) and after the game loads go to the following and set them as follows:-

Options->Emulator->Save Type-> Automatic & Flash 128K

Step 2:- create a in-game save in the game (not File->save)

Step 3:- copy the gba file and enjoy game in your android phones

Note:- The game is a hack so you would be experiencing a lot of bugs so you might want to save it frequently, just in case.

Problem 2: I found a unplayable bug after my 4th Gym(I guess) –> Ghost Gym at a weather tower. my character would disappear and I could perform no action further.

Solution: (Suggested from a blog which I cannot find again)(Please comment if I got this wrong)

Step 1: Save the game just before the bug.(Luckly, I have a backup before the bug)

Step 2: Open it in the desktop play the game,(I am guessing it wont happen in desktop, since the 1st problem did not occur and this bug is also pretty much similar) and save and again load it in the android phones.

(I could not perform this solution due to problem 3)

Problem 3: (I guess this is not a big problem but I am not able to find a working solution for Pokemon Platinum Lite) Cannot open the game from the last savepoint.

Solution: (not answered) I tried different solution found after goggling but it did not work. I donot know what I did wrong. I am guessing this is because of the ROM, but I shall give it a try again.



Pokemon Fan


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